LACUNY Institute 2023


The Evolving Library through Professional Development

Professional development is an integral component of librarianship. As a field that’s always evolving and that is intertwined with technology, librarians, library workers, and information professionals across related fields and disciplines often seek professional development opportunities that contribute to their professional growth. As the needs of users change, information professionals must adapt, share knowledge, and learn new skills. Changes in the field at large can also change the landscape of information work and shift the job responsibilities of library workers. A preoccupation with change (and the future) of the field, is itself the subject of critique and discussion both in LIS literature and within professional development and institutional contexts.

For LACUNY Institute 2023, we invite proposals that explore professional development and information work. We welcome case studies, theoretical explorations, panel discussions, poster presentations, and creative or imaginative proposals on topics such as but not limited to:

Activism/Social Justice Efforts
Austerity and Change
Professional Development Funding
Job Creep and Burnout
Assessment Culture
Building Scholarship and Publishing Skills and Networks
Developing Grant Writing Abilities
Establishing Leadership Skills
Improving Services for Users with Accessibility Needs
Incorporating Universal Design within the Library
Networking with Other Teachers and Librarians
Online Instruction and Remote Teaching
Strengthening Librarian Wellness & Mental Health
Technology Training for Accessibility Standards
Open Access and Open Educational Resources

Panel discussions (50 minutes, including Q&A)
Interactive presentation, workshop, or facilitated activity (50 minutes)
Alternative presentation (10-50 minutes) (eg. short documentary, spoken word, performance art)
Short talk or paper presentation (20 minutes)